Breaking the Self-cycle of Tyranny

This morning I was awakened with three words rolling around in my mind. So, I have been working through some ideas about their relationship.

Ego – Position – Value

So often our ego needs and clamors for a position. W then judge our value based on that position which naturally leads us to a greater void in the ego (because it can never be satisfied) thereby perpetuating the cycle. Our joy and feelings are then in a constant state of going up or down depending on those external issues.

But, God desires to set us free from this threefold tyranny!

Because in His reality of life our value is set already. It is set not by any inherent activity of our own or from the external trappings from others. Our value is set by God as our Maker and the One who pursued us to buy us back when He gave that clothing of righteousness (taqwa) to our first parents a long, long time ago and again through the submission of the Messiah for all humanity (made like Adam again).

Therefore in God’s view (the only real one anyway), we are valuable with an infinite value because of Him and who He is! That value is unchanging and timeless. It cannot be diminished by anything earthy – nothing can separate us from His love because it is in Him.*

So, if our value is set and we are rested in that truth then the cycle breaks! Our position is irrelevant and our ego is subsumed in worship to such an amazing love and to the God of that love.

No more schizophrenic drives, no more irrational fear of worthlessness.

Life becomes whole, free, and purposeful.

Free to serve, free to receive love, free to give love, free to “be” instead of merely “do”.

What a priceless freedom. Only that reality can break this self-cycle of tyrrany.

True freedom from tyrrany!


*Of course not all will respond to that love and they will persist in rebellion. But even when judgment comes for them it will not be outside of this infinite love. Infinite love will be still be breaking for them as Love honors their choice of separation from Him.

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2 Responses to “Breaking the Self-cycle of Tyranny”

  1. 1

    You need to write a book…I would read it. :-)

  2. 2
    Rachel McDermott

    Me too! ( I agree! ) Miss you guys…

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