Faith Partnerships is a spiritual and practical ministry mobilizing people of faith into a movement of mercy. This is built on the five key commitments of acknowledging our wholehearted devotion to the One, True, Creator God; striving to be the very best person that we each can be; building healthy communities; living with compassion; and sharing all of this through intentional communication.

The activities of Faith Partnerships include training programs, speaking, educating, mentoring, mobilizing, and equipping people of faith to serve together for the glory of God.

The primary leader, Bryan Gallant, has been doing this sort of work for the last 13 years in one capacity or another around the world as a speaker and living this message for the last 3 1/2 years in Indonesia (the largest Muslim populated country in the world). As a bridge person, Bryan’s work involves writing, speaking, mentoring, visioning, and mobilizing people of faith, particularly Seventh-day Adventists and Muslims, into an end time people showing a beautiful picture of God and partnering together to be a blessing in the world.

All donations received for this work will go towards helping this work go forward. The funds will be used to reimburse ministry expenses involved with this work and may also include sponsorship or stipend support for workers participating in furthering the goals of Faith Partnerships.

You can send your tax deductible gifts of support to: Faith Partnerships, Box 25468, Chattanooga, TN 37422

Thank you for your prayers and support.